On people you want to kill even if they’re only in your head…

January 12, 2010 at 11:01 (General)

I have got a problem.

My problem has a name and an ugly face. Ok, ugly is a harsh word, he is at a disadvantage in the looks department. And he is a meanie. He always says what’s on his mind, has a foul mouth and is absolutly obnoxious.

Please, meet Samuel.

I wish he was real and not only existing in my head. It makes it harder to ignore him.

Samuel is the character in my newest project (the character, not a character, beacuse, well he’s the man ;)). Poor, miserable soul he is. Yet, he reminds me of a willow tree. He bends but he never breaks. He is very overbearing, like he is the one who writes the book and not me. Oh, and he made me abandon all other projects, for he does not like to share.

He is difficult at the very least to write about, even now, I have spent like five minutes wondering how to finish this sentence.

I gave him the privilage to tell his own story with his own words. However, I have quickly change my mind. He’s no storyteller. I believe that all those writers who wrote in the first person perspective will agree with me that it’s one of the most difficult ways to write. Your own voice might interlace with the voice of your character. Or worse. He will become you. And if I would like to make it a book about me, I would have chosen a better character than the poor, old Samuel.

Secondly, it takes some serious skills to not make the story limited, poorer because it is said from a certain point of view. A bit of advice, if you are very emotional towards your work, or you are aware that you lack some skills, stray away from the first person perspective.

I decided to play it on the safe side this time.

Oh, Samuel is calling, he is a wee bit angry for I have not attended to him today. Looks like I have to make amends for that :).


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