On me and who am I to tell you how to write.

January 23, 2010 at 22:06 (General)

I know this post was to be about things that shouldn’t be done under no circumstances.

But I have changed my mind.

I thought, here I am, miss wiseacre, sharing insights on writing. And I still have not said anything about myself to prove that I can do this.

Ok, here goes nothing.

Let’s start from the beginning.
When I was young I did not have a computer (yes, I know that it is shocking) and there was nothing much on the TV for kids.
Therefore, I’ve done the only thing left to do. I started reading. In the peak of my reader’s career I read seven books a week.
Writing came afterwards.
I was ten when I started to write short, naïve poems.
I have gone through the ‘dark’ stage when I was thirteen.
I wrote poems on death, ghosts and thing like that but with a funny twist. And it was then, when I wrote my only dark story about a serial killer, whos victims were beautiful women and who made his victims fall in love with him first. Oh my, it was bad. I mean the language I used was for lack of a better word, I’ll say childish.
And the plot… let’s better put a veil of silence over this.
However, back then I was much braver, and I showed my work to my temporary polish teacher. She liked it. She even let me read my poems to the class, for she said that they were good. She promised to help me get them published in a local paper. But later, she left my school, and her promise proved to be empty.
And yet, it only strengthen my will to write.
My favorite form was the drabble (which I stay away from nowadays).
I published a couple of stories on a website for writers. In Poland; however, drabbles were rather unpopular and the only feedback I received was that the stories were too short.
I did not let that get too me.
My biggest success was yet to come.
I have managed to have to my stories published on a website where a jury of editors proofread them before they were posted. They were brutally honest.
I was allowed to publish only two out of five submitted; however, I consider that a success.
Then I started to crave for more. I wanted to write something bigger. I wanted to write a book.
And that proved to be my undoing somehow.
I tried to bite more than I could eat.
For two years I was busy with writing a fantasy book. that was all I could think of. And when the book was finished, I have put it in the drawer for a while to read it later and see if it still makes sense.
It did not.
And it hurt.
I decided to give up on writing for a while.
I spent time reading a lot again. I am a reading-addict. Even now, I read at least one story per day. One book per week. I read to expand my vocabulary as well.
I am not a native speaker of English. But I have decided to have my first book published in English.
Boy am I in for some hard work.
But I believe that where is a will there is a way.
Currently, I am writing again.
Samuel came to me in the worst possible moment. I was taking a shower, when he appeared out of nowhere in my head. There was no way to take notes at that moment, and I was only hoping that I will remember everything clearly, once I will be able to write it down.
Luckily, he did not disappear.
And he breathed new life into my writing.
I have been through ups and downs.
I have wrote things that I am ashamed of till this very day, and stories that left my readers (mostly my dear friends, love ya :)) craving for more.
I have read stories I adored and I want mine to be as good as them. And I have read stories that made me irritated and I wish I could erase them from my memory.

Here, on this blog, I would like to share what I have learned so far with people who would like to write.
I would like to entertain those who like to read.
I would like to share my Samuel with you, step by step as he grows more real, as his story develops.
I want to help people like me, who want their stories published by sharing some tips and tricks.

Everything I write about comes from my experience.
Pieces of writing I post and will post are written by me.
Like this one:
You are asking all the wrong questions. Why are you asking why he wants to have an enemy in you? Maybe you should be asking why he does not want to have an enemy in the ones you are fighting with. Do you want to know what they are like? Do you want to see them? They are in me. Touch me.
It has been an intimate experience. Almost erotic. He felt like a sinner.

That’s from the book I am rewriting since the day I realised that there is no logic in the story.

I have one request.
Please do not hesitate to write what you think about my posts: are they useful? are my stories worth reading? is my style both in posts and stories good?
Your feedback is appreciated, cherished, wanted.

Oh, and one last thing.
I do not claim to be know-it-all. I am not claiming that it’s my way or the highway.
I am open to a dialogue with you my dear readers.

Thank you for your time.
The next post will focus on writing again. :)



  1. Aki said,

    Będę pisąć po polsku, bo mój English nie jest super.
    Twój Samuel jest w twojej głowie i tylko tam, a ja chcę żeby był na papierze. Chciałabym przeczytać twoją książkę za rok. I myślę, że nie tylko ja. Tak jak piszesz codziennie posty powinnaś tak samo często siadać i pisać Samuela. Powinnaś codziennie zamykać się w pokoju, sam na sam z Samuelem, BEZ internetu :)
    Czekam na twoją pierwszą książkę. Mam nadzieję, że nie będę czekać zbyt długo ;> pamiętaj o swojej fance!

    • aishikami said,

      Ok, ok Aguś.
      Postaram się wziąć w garść i wydać Samuela jeszcze w tym roku ;).
      Dzięki za komentarz.
      Byłaś pierwsza :).

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