Why sometimes more is worse than nothing at all

January 25, 2010 at 21:12 (General)

It will seem as if I can’t make up my mind.
I have complained earlier about the writer’s block that keeps coming back like a boomerang just to annoy me.
Now I am going to complain that I have too many ideas and words in my head.
One can ask:
Is she crazy or what?

I am not. Well, I cannot really pass for a normal person.
No writer can (till the last drop of blood, I shall defend this claim). However, I am definitely not insane.
It is just that, sometimes I feel like I am being pulled in too many directions.
I am a patient and gentle person (most of the time), but it drives me crazy when my ideas are waging wars against each other. Each and every one of them wants its place in the story.
And it does not work that way, because they simply cannot coexist peacefully.
Ok, here is a perfect example:
While I was dozing off an idea came to me regarding Samuel. His creator has been given a year to make a decent vampire out of my dear Sam. Or else they will both be sorry that they have been born (or that they became undead). And I had an interesting dialogue between the two in mind:
-So when are we going to hunt?
-You are not disgusted or mortified by the idea?
-No, you see, I’ve got this list of people…
-What?! I’ll be damn. You are a psychopath.
-Not really. I think it’s pretty normal. I considered starting from my wife, but I’ve got a better idea. I will introduce you as my illegitimate son. She will flip out.

(And I had to leave my comfy bed to write it down.)
That’s all great; however, Samuel was going to be alone originally. His struggles with his new condition were the core of the story. Other vampires were only supposed to appear once in a while.
It would not be that bad. I only had to make slight adjustments.
The only funny thing is that, once I start I cannot seem to stop thinking about new possibilities.
Has that ever happened to you?
Just one slight change and your imagination goes wild.
Like an interior designer, who you did not want to listen and I bet your bedroom would look exactly like you wanted it to be. But then you slipped, let your guard down and agreed on a different shade of blue for the walls. And BANG, the bedroom is his now.
My imagination believes that to have more is better than to have less. (Whilst I agree in the case of money or friends ;) it is not necessary true when my stories are concerned)
My dear imagination supplies me with ideas for the years to come.
How I deal with it?
I write everything down. Once the idea is transfered to paper it I can get it off my mind.
It is not the best possible solution. However, that is all I could think of.

Thank you all for reading.
Once more I am asking for feedback.
And if you would like to share, how you are dealing with too many ideas, please go ahead.
I would love to get to know new ways of dealing with my little problem.


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