On why I am fine with not knowing everything

January 26, 2010 at 20:45 (General)

I will try to keep it short this time.
I am fine with knowing a little less than everything.
For one, if I knew everything I am sure my head would explode, or I would spend the rest of my life in a psychiatric ward.
And secondly, it kills all the fun.

When reading a story I do not like to have everything served on a silver plate. I want to be able to add something to the story. I want the story to engage my imagination.
I absolutely hate it when the author goes into such details that I know everything about the character and his or her life.
Why is it bad?
1. No room for imagination.
I will focus on Samuel, because he is currently the apple of my eye.
He has his own skeletons in the closet.
He did not become the cynical man he is now, without a reason. He is not a rebel without a cause.
However, while I will show a glimpse of his past, it will be the readers task to figure out what exactly happened.
If I succeed, of course, as it is not an easy task.
Personally, I like it, when there is room for my interpretation while I’m reading someone’s story.
It makes me happy.
And my imagination is loving it ;).
Now let’s take a look at another example.
In my story, Samuel meets a council of vampires in their secret temple.
What would be better,
me describing in detail all the vampires and the place they meet?
me giving the readers just enough detail for them to create their own image of the place and people (err, vampires) in their mind?
2. Why do I need so many details.
If I get into details too much, I can accidentally confuse the reader.
He or she will not remember everything anyway.
And I might end up with a book that is longer than it should be and, unfortunately, boring.

Now, that is not all; however, I will leave some room for your own ideas.
After all, I cannot give you everything.
I would be such a hypocrite then.

You can easily contribute to this post by leaving a comment :).

Thank you for reading.



  1. Arashi said,

    Yes, you are definitely right. It is irritating. I love reading a long stories, but I hate when the author gives too many details and I catch myself that I am thinking of something not even close to the topic of the book. I was reading such a book recently and I put it aside on the bookshelf. I cannot stand that the author wrote 100 pages about going in circles.

    • aishikami said,

      Thank you for your comment my dear :).
      You are an authority in the books department for me, therefore I will stray away from the book you mention. :)
      I am glad that you have decided to contribute to my post.

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