The first step is always the hardest.

February 9, 2010 at 19:59 (General)

I will give you power like no one had before you – said the demon
They all will bow to you, and you will bow only before me.
And when the time comes, I will come for my payment.
-And how will I pay you, my Lord?
You will pay me with the souls of your enemies, with their blood and their tears.
You will drown the world in blood for me.
And the king agreed.
Folktales, The King’s dealings with the demon, author unknown

-They say that the king and those monsters from beyond the dead man’s land already signed the deal.
-Ha, your stupid. The king, you see, was not born yesterday, He is not an idiot. He would not make any deals with these monsters. Even children know that you cannot trust them.
-Be careful Borm, for these words you could rot away in the king’s dungeon. For these words insult our allies. That’s treason. And if the King will have the same weakness for them as for that Ristan brat, your dismembered body will become the crows’ feast. And these demons will walk on the streets like some great lords. And we will bow low before them.
-You are stupid, Norm. And you be careful, for if the king’s mind will change, you will be the executioner’s victim for how you speak of the Ristan prince.
-I personally, would turn you both to the executioner. – the blacksmith’s son spoke from the corner of the room – For you doubt your king.

I have decided. And I have every intention to rewrite my fantasy book.
Now, it is all nice, and I believe in myself, but that does not mean that it will be an easy task.
The most difficult part, I think, is to start.
As they say, it is the first step, that is the most difficult.
After that, it all becomes easier.

I agree.

Therefore, I am celebrating now, for I have the opening paragraph ready.
What is more, I almost finished the first chapter.

It has been rough.
I own it all to my friends who never cease to encourage me to write.
And I followed my rules, I made an outline, I fixed my characters.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.
I might fulfill my dream after all.
And my dream is to have my book published this year. :)

Oh, and here is a bit of the conversation the king had with his visitor from my previous post:
-You were always fearless, always proving something. When the kids told you that the forest is dangerous, you sneaked out there and spent the night in the woods, emerging victorious in the morning light. Like a hero. You laughed in the face of danger.
-How do you know that?
-We have been watching you. We have seen what a king you would make, and we protected you. Because Karstan the forests are dangerous. There are monsters that you have no name for, lurking in the dark. But nothing comes for free. For every time when we pulled you out of danger, we had to pay, with someone else’s life.
-My cousin…
-Yes, the creatures of the forest, wanted a life for a life.
-So I killed him? He died for me…
-Now Karstan, the protection we have offered you, will be extended to the entire kingdom, and all your people. Do not be surprised that the price is higher. The price will be paid with the blood of your enemies, and I am wondering why are you protesting. War, my lord, is all about killing those who oppose you.

Yep, that will take place in chapter 1.
Currently I am happy.
I am able to write again.
But everything comes at a price.
My posts have grown shorter.
To make up for that, I will publish pieces of my work more often and next time, I will provide some tips on writing, as I have not done that lately.

Thank you for reading.



  1. Jack said,

    I’m happy for you! Good to know that the great fantasy book will come up in the near future ;) Out of curiosity, in which country are you going to publish your work?

    • aishikami said,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment.
      I plan to publish my book in USA first, but I will most probably prepare two language versions and see what the Polish publishers have to offer. :)

      • Jack said,

        Yup, in USA there are way wider and brighter possibilities from the book market in Poland. Look at the books circulations in both countries, no comparison ;)

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