The pleasure is all mine.

February 14, 2010 at 23:17 (General)

I strongly believe that we are only able to create wonderful things thanks to our mortality.
Our creativity is driven by our strong need to leave something behind.
I always imagine people reading my stories even hundreds of years from now.
I am mortal, and I am perfectly aware of that, maybe even better than most people.

Therefore, I am strongly motivated to create something worth of preserving for years to come.
Something that will be published, reprinted multiple times and read by many people.

And yet, I try not to think much about things like publishing or advertising my stories while I’m writing.
It kills all the fun.

Because, you see, I am a bit worried.
The world today is all about making money by using people who are unaware of their rights.
I mean, let’s take a look at the situation of the freelancers.
Boy, you have to be really crafty to find yourself a good deal.
If you do not know your worth, eventually someone will use you and profit from your hard work.
And the only thing you’ll get, it’ll be a valuable lesson for the future.
It reminds me of Kartsan’s conversation with his mysterious ally. (Karstan is the king of the “main’ kingdom in my fantasy book).
“You chose the face I see when I look at you. You are here, because your people sent you here. I do not know the reason why you are helping me. You are a riddle, Eikin. You want me to declare a war on the alliance. And the only thing you can say is ‘trust me’?” ‘Yes, that is all I have to offer”.

And that’s not good enough for me.
You can say that I have trust issues.
That’s not far from the truth.
But I also have met people for whom promises are only empty words.

That is why, when I write I try not to think of all the things that I will need to do, once I have the finished product.
Writing is all about pleasure.
And I want the pleasure to be all mine.

Once I am done, I will worry about preserving my work for the future generations.
I will leave a piece of me, a thread in the fabric of the future.
We mortal beings can only do so much, right?

This post is pretty short. I admit that it’s mostly due to the fact that I am currently visiting my mom, my brother and my cat.
Here he is, playing hide and seek. He is called Rambo, but he should be called Mr.Purrfection. In all the time we have him, he did not bite or scratch any member of my family. My previous cat was a demon, therefore, I am still pleasantly surprised.

The advantage of no longer living with your family is that you get special treatment when you are paying them a visit.
Therefore, currently I am enjoying my stay in my hometown.
Please forgive me for not making this post any longer.
As a consolation price, look at the cute kitty :).

Thank you for reading.


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