Your logic is sound, Holmes.

February 16, 2010 at 11:35 (General)

Recently I have went to the movies with my friends.We have seen Sherlock Holmes.
I loved it.
Not only because of the lovely bromance between Sherlock and Watson.

The reason why I enjoyed the movie so much, was the fact that it was absolutely logical.

I mean there were no plot holes.
Not one.

I love that in books and in the movies when there is not a single moment when I am like “What was that?”.
You might know that from your own experience.

I absolutely hate it when a sudden and unexpected plot hole comes up and I am forcefully pulled out of from the world in the book. Back into mine.
And I am left wondering what the author was thinking writing that.

What every author should aim for is a consistent and logical plot.
Easier said than done.
Planning beforehand helps a lot.
While making an outline, I already see where I could go wrong if I am not careful.

The more complicated the plot is, the more important the outline becomes.

But the main goal of this post is to tell you, leave Avatar alone now, go and see Sherlock Holmes.
That movie is absolutely worth seeing.

Thank you for reading.



  1. Gynvael Coldwind said,

    Yeah, I agree, the movie was great :)
    After the movie I’ve grabbed some Sherlock Holmes books from the bookstore and started to compare the movie ‘Sherlock’ and the book ‘Sherlock’, since the movie presented Sherlock as a very specific man, different from what I expected.
    Guess what… in the books he is exactly as he is in shown in the movie, (including target practicing in a closed room when he had to little work ;>) and all his random things lying everywhere :)
    All these details included in the movie make it worth seeing indeed!

    • aishikami said,

      Thank you for the comment.
      Hey, remind me to borrow those books from you.
      If the “book” Holmes is the same as the “movie” one, I’d love to meet him ;).

  2. Jack said,

    Great movie! One of the best I’ve ever seen, I think. Nineteenth century, big, fabulous London and real genius – Sherlock Holmes. Nothing else to want, really ;)
    His fights, his mind and, at last – unstoppable, brilliant analysies. And deduction as his most powerful weapon. That’s a character!

    • aishikami said,

      Thank you for your comment.
      It worries me that this movie might be overlooked due to the worlds’ fascination with Avatar (not that it’s not great movie too).
      It would be a shame, really.

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