On logic, once more.

February 18, 2010 at 17:50 (General)

There is one thing that every scriptwriter or book writer should remember.
People are not stupid.
Well, most of them.
And once they stumble upon plot holes, or completely illogical situation, they will notice it.
And they won’t like it.
And they will ask: WHY?

As a perfect example I will use a TV show that I love and adore.
BBC Merlin.
I am a fan of this show, mostly due to amazing performance of the actors there.
But the show is full of plot holes.

Magic has been banned in Camelot and all sorcerers are sentenced to death.
And you know what, every sorcerer caught forgets that he can do magic, and that all the king has, are guards with swords.
My patience has been stretched to the limit in season 2, when Arthur and his man attacked a sorcerers’ camp.
They fought.
With sword and crossbows.
No magic.

Oh, come on.
A group of sorcerers and not a single spell.
They loose.
They die.
And only one sorcerer survives.

That particular sorcerer at the beginning of the episode managed to kill two guards with a single spell. But to escape from Camelot’s dungeon he needs the Lady Morgana’s help. (She is King Uther’s ward in this version of the story.)
She has to drug the guards to help the sorcerer escape.

Come to think about it.
How did Uther manage to defeat and kill almost all magic users in Camelot?
I hope that it will be explained at some point in time, because for me that’s the show’s greatest mystery.

Now, it could still be saved.
If there was a reason why all magic users cannot use magic in Camelot.
For example, in Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher or Steven Ericsson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen there is a mineral that blocks magical abilities.
In Kyu Kara Maou there is a stone that renders magic users helpless.
In Merlin there is nothing of that sort.

And the question remains, why sorcerers don’t use magic to defend themselves.

What I mentioned above is what I consider a giant plot hole that may discourage many people from watching the show.
But in TV shows, there are great actors, special effects and many different things that can help to keep the audience interested.

With books it’s different.
Be careful because it’s easier to abandon a book.
Don’t let your readers question your logic.
Therefore, please carefully look at your plot, and search for all possible plot holes and inconsistencies.

It’s a hard work, but it’s necessary and it will pay off.
Logical plot is the key to success.

Thank you for reading.


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