Oh yeah, I love to be left in the dark.

February 22, 2010 at 21:37 (General)

I have a problem, you see.
I have seen this TV show, the title of which I will mercifully leave out.
It had everything, top names in the business and a good plot.
Yesterday I have seen the last episode.
And it left me wondering.

You see, the problem is that there were things left unsaid, secrets unrevealed and many questions unanswered.
The show ended and there will be no second season.
That was it.
And I was no smarter than after the first episode.

And I began to wonder.
How many people like open endings.
Endings which leave room for speculations, one’s own conspiracy theories and stuff like that.

Is it just me that likes to have answers handed over on a silver plate?
I mean, I like books and movies that make you think.
I only hate those that leave you frustrated, because you just cannot get the answers yourself.
Not enough data.

It upsets me to no end.

I guess I am ranting, because my vacations at home have ended.

But you see, the majority of readers will not appreciate being left with nothing.

I know, that some things are better left unsaid, but it also depends on the genre and the general mood of the book or movie.
But sometimes it’s not that easy to decide what to tell, and what to keep a secret.
Sometimes, we writers may not realize at all that something needs explaining.

I have got myself into trouble as well.
In my book, there is an alliance.
And since its beginning there were always twenty-one members in it.
Seven countries, three representatives.
After my very close friend read that particular part of my unfinished book, she asked me in no gentle way:
“Why twenty-one? You are to write it ASAP, miss. I want to know.”
The problem was that I did not know myself.
See, I did not realize that it can be treated as something to be explained.
Silly me.

I though about it, and I figured it out.
Do not worry Ashi-chan :*, I will explain why there were twenty-one members.
There is a good reason for that.
Thanks to you :D.

That is also how I understood the importance of proofreading before you finish the whole thing.
I will use my dear friends, who will not deny me the pleasure of torturing them to no end with fruits of my labor XD.

I encourage my fellow writers to do the same.
To find people who are willing to help.
It would be awful to find out that there are too many things left unsaid once the book is finished.

Thank you for reading.


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