Something different this time.

March 5, 2010 at 20:55 (General)

I have got a new hobby.
It’s called Graphic with a capital G.
I am living with two very talented artists under the same roof.
I share the apartment with a person who makes lovely jewelery pieces in no time and seemingly effortless.
Something was bound to happen.

So I started playing with GIMP and Photoshop and decided that I would love to give pop art a try.
And here is what came out of it:
Angie Pop-Art
Tools used:
Wacom tablet
Angelina Jolie’s picture as a reference.
Patience – line art took me quite some time.

Well, who knows, maybe one day, I will be able to illustrate my book myself.
One can dream, right?

Thank you for reading, or should I say – watching.
I am going back to drawing.
I might post something soon.

Oh and as for the mentioned artists- you can visit their sites.
Links are in my blogroll under:
Arashi Coldwind- jewelery and Aga’s Portfolio and you will see what I mean.
How jealous one can get, while living with such people.
It’s a good thing that I like them veeery much XD.


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