Ups a daisy – I am hopeless.

March 17, 2010 at 21:31 (General)

Boy was that one busy week.
And i have fallen behind on my “posting schedule”.
I sincerely apologize for that.
I have decided to post a part of my story as a retribution for my unsightly behavior.

-“I need your help.”
-“Again. I swear, all you do is ask, ask and ask. Is your Kingdom that weak?”
Karstan swallowed the angry bark that was building up in his throat. Nerathus has been a difficult ally, and sometimes it was hard to be patient and polite with him. But anger has never done him any good, and he needed that damn brat’s help. He felt bitter, but he had to swallow his pride as well.
-“Soon it may not be mine Kingdom, and not your ally as well.”
-“Oh, has your dear brother finally had enough of your incompetence as a king?”
-“He is going to challenge me, and he may win, as the alliance with you has not brought us yet nothing but trouble. My man are tired of this, and frankly I am tired as well. I do not blame him, for having enough of this. However, I still believe that there is a purpose in being on your side, that it is not just a mistake. If you could prove it, give us something…”
-“I understand. Your men see in us, nothing but a rock, that tied to you drags you to the bottom, and they would love to cut us loose. Your brother has read them well, and he wishes to use their frustration to his advantage. And you want me to defend your shaky position by giving your men a prove that the alliance is the best damn thing that could have happened to them. Am I right? Did I miss something important?”
-“No, that is it I guess.”
-“Wrong! There is something missing, something crucial. Do you want to know what that is? What I am missing in all that, is the reason why I should do anything to save you, or the alliance.”
This rendered Karstan speechless. \\Reason…\\ The alliance has been created by the will of them both, and he could not think of any other reason for it to remain untouched, apart from the one that it was what Nerathus once wanted. No, not just wanted,
suggested, supported, and fought for. And now needs a reason, why all of sudden.
-“You ask for a reason? You, of all that reside in your damn Order? You that shed blood to create the alliance, are asking me for the purpose of its further existence.”
-“Karstan, you are like a blind man. Do you not recall what my situation has been back then? And how it changed? I had nothing, I was nobody. I fought for the alliance, and I have used it well. I have gained all that was to gain. Now it is not us that are a rock pulling you downwards, it is you that are an obstacle on our way up. We have more to gain if the alliance stops to exist. And that insolent pup, dares to rebel your men against us. He should be here on his knees by my feet, begging me not to leave you. In the war for domination, you count only with us on your side. Alone you are no one. I will save you Karstan, for old times’ sake. I will announce that, you have broken the alliance.”
-“What…?! Have you gone mad?”
Nerathus stopped smiling, and for the first time since this conversation started he looked at Karstan without his mocking expression. Karstan saw in him at that moment for the first time in a while, the Nerathus that he has met, the one that he liked, and now missed.
-“I want you to understand Karstan, that we are going to cut you off, as in the war, we are now more powerful, and we want even more power. However, I am not heartless, and as a farewell gift, I want to save your head. Therefore, use way out I presented you with. I will announce the dissolution of the alliance, one way or another. But when I say that it has come to an end, because you have decided that it is no longer what your kingdom needs, it will salvage your reputation. You will regain the respect of your men, and your brother will have no reason to challenge you. If you refuse, however, I will say, that you begged like a dog at my feet, for me to save the alliance, even if it would be even less fortunate for you. And you will not only lose your post as a king. You will also lose your life. So, will you let me help you or not? It is your choice.”
-“I understand, perfectly now. You just don’t want the blame for the dissolution of the alliance. Among your men, there are still many, who believe that it is still beneficial to the order. You do not want them to rebel against you. Is your position not strong enough?”
The mocking expression has again returned to Nerathus’s face. Gone was the old, back was the new, cruel leader.
“-If you wish to die, then keep asking stupid questions. Do not worry about me, worry about yourself. I am still waiting for you to choose. Which will it be, pride, if you have any left, or life and the resemblance of power? Which one will you choose?”
-“Alright, blame me for the end of our alliance. I will be more than glad for taking the blame. Much has changed, and you are right, I have been blind, but my eyes are now open. It is over. Everything is over.”
Heavy weight has settled on his heart when he has spoken those words. Something he held dear has ended, someone he held dear has changed beyond recognition. Nerathus was speaking, his lips were moving, but Karstan did not hear him. His heart was beating fast, blood was pumping in his veins, he was deaf. Like in a haze, he walked out, vaguely he registered that Nerathus was calling him. He needed out, he could not stop, could not go back. He closed the heavy door behind him with a loud noise, that penetrated the fog of silence around him and woke him up, from his dream like state.
It was over. The most important part of his life was over. Over.

Boy I do like the dramatics.
Perhaps, even too much.
I am hopeless . *face-palm*

Oh and I am experimenting now – I boldly go… no that is a lame joke.
I decided to give up emphasizing the story part with italics, now I will use bold font.
I hope that it will be easier too read.

I hope I will fall back into the one-post-in-three-days-at-least routine.
For now, that is all folks.

Thank you for reading.



  1. imagicon said,

    i like your dramatics, i like your story very much, can’t wait for what comes next!!!

    • aishikami said,

      Thank you for your comment.
      I will post something in the weekend, and I will try not to disappoint. :)

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