I hate the state in between…

April 14, 2010 at 09:17 (General)

I wish I did not have to sleep.
I wish I did not have to worry about time.
Sometimes I wish for immortality.

I would like to be able to draw what comes to my mind, but I don’t like to learn, because things never look the way I want them to.
I wish I could speak many languages, but I don’t like not being able to express myself, to say what’s on my mind.
The same is with writing.
I get frustrated, because I get blocked and I am not able to write.
And with my minds eyes I already see the finished book.
I can almost touch it.
And then I realize that I am still somewhere in between.

I would accept it more easily if I had more time.
And I do not wish for longer days.
I wish for a longer life.

I want a lot.
I want to be able to do many things, I want to draw, write, speak as many languages as possible.
I am a Renaissance soul, or however else they call it these days.

There are only two ways to handle this.
The first way is to give up on some dreams, and settle for one.
But how to choose, when all feel close to your heart.

Second way is to find time to master all that you wish to master.

There are these few people, who can use the time they have to the fullest.
I wish to be one of them.

Hopefully, I will manage to find time for everything I care about, this blog also.

Thank you for reading.
Feedback is much appreciated.
Perhaps you know some time utilization techniques that you could share with me :).


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