Stepping out of one’s comfort zone…

April 15, 2010 at 19:27 (General)

…and embracing the world.
There are people who feel comfortable being exposed, being so called public persons.
I am not one of them.

When I make an appearance on the net I go by the name Sorrento Aishikami. This nickname is dearer and more personal to me than my real name. I have got it for almost 9 years now, so it goes a long way with me.
My younger self met some wonderful people at that time. People I know till this very day. With some of them I share an apartment, some visit us occasionally, some of them are living in an exotic and far away country, and some are probably leading a very busy life. And the only way to get in touch with them, and see how they are doing is through the social media.
And here comes trouble.
I always felt vulnerable when joining a web community.
It may be connected with the fact, that once something appears on the net, it stays there.
I am by no means a flame war fanatic, nor do I posses embarrassing photos of myself.
And yet, there is this unexplainable fear from becoming a part of of the world wide web community.
However, one cannot hide forever. Not now, when social media become an inseparable part of our personal and professional lives.
I decided to trust the world out there, on the Internet and decided to join two largest communities: Facebook and Twitter.
I’m giving my nick a human face.

I want to have my book published after all.
I hope like any aspiring writer to be famous one day.
In order to succeed, however, I need to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the world.
Who knows, maybe the world will embrace me back.

P.S for those who would like to join my little community here is me on:
Twitter: Aishikami on Twitter
Facebook: Aishikami on Facebook



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