Power play.

April 17, 2010 at 15:37 (General)

    “All that drama. Gods, you have let me believe that my decisions led to your death. You have let me believe that I will never see you again.”

There are always consequences.
That is my favorite phrase of all time.
The ultimate number one on my top 10 quotation list.

And I absolutely love to remind my characters of it.
It is truth after all.
Where there is an action, there is a reaction.
This is how the real world works. And I see no reason why the “book world” should not work the same way.

I like it when every decision that the book character makes, sooner or later comes back to either pat him on the back, or bite his hand off.

And I also like it when the characters are aware of the fact that the decisions they make, will influence their live and lives of those around them.

And the choices are sometimes very difficult to make.
My poor Karstan is a good example here:

    -“Even monsters have a right to live Karstan. We have no intentions on dying quietly, we will not simply disappear. Why does it surprise you that we are fighting for our survival. That we do anything, absolutely anything we can. Konradus, and you, have you ever thought what you would do, if everyone you know would be facing death. Would you let them all die, or would you try to save them, with all means available to you?
    They sat dark and silent. Not sure what to say, if there was anything that could be said. This was a no win situation, of course Eikin was right, and yet they knew that they could not allow for this to continue.
    -Eikin, there is no way we will let you kill all these people.
    -I need their souls Karstan, I need them. And I will take them. I will take the souls of your enemies, or those of your men. The choice is yours. Please make no mistake, you are not able to stop me. You will not stop those of my kind. You are no match for us. Please, you can achieve so much with our help. We are only asking for a fair price.
    The sun was setting, the sky was red, a deep blood red color. Outside it was quiet, and lifeless. In the chamber the air was heavy with despair, frustration and anger. The three man were eying each other with distrust and contempt. Their conversation was turning darker, and the chances to reach any understanding were getting smaller and smaller.

Well Karstan, you need to decide.
And remember.
There are always consequences.

Thank you for reading.
Feedback is much loved :)
I enjoy reading your comments.
I also accept ideas for next posts.
If there is something you would like to read about, tell me :)



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