We all have our fears.

April 26, 2010 at 21:52 (General)

I am weird.
That is a fact.
While I turn off the light I always keep my eyes locked on the window, otherwise I am washed over by a wave of panic that I perhaps went blind.

Once the music suddenly stops I talk to myself to check if I am still able to hear.
I am glad that I live on the second floor, because I hate elevators. When I am in one, I am always afraid that it will get stuck somewhere between floors.
I am scared of heights, marry-go-rounds and doors that lock.
And the point is that I know the feeling of irrational fear that grips your chest in an iron fist.
And I like it when book characters have their fears too.
Not only the ‘major’ ones, like fear of dying.
But the ‘minor’ ones too.
A big, bad guy who barely keeps himself from screaming, when a spiders appears dangling by his face, really makes my day :).

These little fears make the characters appear more human, more real.
The motto for today is “Phobias – every character should have one :)”. – Almost like a demotivator.

And for those who think that having a phobia will make their character look weak, I have a solution.
Make him overcome that fear in a live or death situation ;).
I consider myself somewhat brave, for I am afraid of spiders, but I manage not to scream when I see them.
I even tolerate the bathroom spiders. You know the ones that sit on the ceiling, and seem to be frozen in space. I swear they hardly move.
And one day they simply disappear.
I name them.
Actually I have one name for them – Dyzio.
I had many Dyzios till this very day.
Once I give them the name, they seem less scary. :)

The book characters too can challenge their fears.

Please share your opinion on this, and maybe you know a character that you got to love because of his little fears :). Or you would like to share your phobia related stories. I would like to encourage you to engage in a discussion via comments :).
Thank you for reading.



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