It’s nothing…

May 1, 2010 at 20:11 (General)

…not even the best thing I wrote. And it’s just a draft anyway. The final version will be much better. So please, do not judge my skills based on what your reading now.

Sounds familiar?

When someone was reading what I wrote, I used to get all defensive.
But something changed recently.
This post should probably be titled, build up your confidence… my style :)

First of all remember – no feedback = no improvement.

Second of all, let people you trust read parts of your work. It helps. Remember to choose people who will be honest with you. And who will not try to hurt you with their opinion on your work.

Third step is to post parts of your work online.
Start a blog like I did, or create a profile on LiveJournal.
Anonymity helps.

It helped me. I became more confident.

Oh and I finally found the story I have mentioned in one of my early posts.
All that I need to do is translate it.

Thank you for reading.
Please leave a comment :).



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