Sacrifice… it is all good if you are doing the sacrificing…

May 5, 2010 at 19:55 (General)

    -But I do know that I do not love you. You are my wife. I own you my loyalty, if nothing else. But I cannot give you anything else. My love was never yours. And it will never be.

    -No man’s wife. That is what I am. – Arien’s laugh was hollow – I am a wife without a husband, a barren wife, wth no children to love me. And there is nothing that you can offer me. Nothing I want from you. Not even your loyalty. Get out!
    -Forgive me.
    Karstan rushed to the door. He did not turn, even when he heard her crying. He will not show her compassion, tenderness or fake love again.
    This will be a new chapter in his life. Free from all lies and deceit. To change the world he lived in, he had to change himself first. This has been the beginning of his spiritual rebirth. And every rebirth required sacrifice.

I admit that it is not original to say that everything has its price. And to gain something we have to make sacrifices.
Unlike Karstan, however; we need to sacrifice something of our own.
I do not know yet what I am ready to sacrifice to find more time to write.
I hope I will be able to decide.
And if I will not be able, I wonder what that will mean…

And you, dear readers.
What did you have to sacrifice to do what you wanted the most?
Please share your stories.

Thank you for reading.



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