Breathe in, breathe out

May 15, 2010 at 16:53 (General)

I like going home.
Currently I live in a city that is one of the biggest cities in my country – namely in Wrocław, Poland.
On global scale it is not so big, only about 650,000 inhabitants.
And yet, for me it’s big.

I was born in a much smaller city. Ostrów Wielkopolski 73,000 inhabitants.
That is where my mother, brother and my cat live.
I like visiting them.
I relearn there how to breathe.

In Wrocław the pressure is building slowly.
With every time it takes twice as much time as it should to come home from work, because of the traffic.
With every time I am in a middle of a crowd.
With all the noise, and all the people…

And when it gets to much, I pack my bags, buy a ticket, get on the train, and after two hour long journey I am in my small, peaceful hometown.

I am currently sitting at the table in my mum’s flat, and I breath easy.

And breathing easy helps me write.
And here’s the thing.
I want to publish my story here, but I need beta readers, for I want people to comment on the plot and story and not on the language mistakes I am bound to make.

If you are interested in proofreading my story, leave your email in a comment and I will contact you.

Thank you for reading.

PS. If you would like to help me find a proofreader, please share this post on FB, Twitter or other social media.
Thank you in advance.



  1. Jack said,

    Certainly, I am not a qualified person to perform this peculiar work of proofreading, but I’d welcome the oportunity to be useful in some way for you – I guess that every feedback, even from casual, non-professional readers can be helpful for writer. Am I right? ;) So – I can proudly present myself as a hypothetical, semi-virtual-profisory reviewer ;)

    It can sound kind of strange, but I’d be really happy, if you could do similar things like sharing opinion and destructive critique – occasionally – about my “work” – (it’s not even done yet, I just spend to much time on thinking and doing nothing)

    Your post has been here for a little while and – frankly – I wonder if I got here on time…

    • aishikami said,

      Thank you for your reply.
      You are on time :)
      I must admit I have given up hope and your offer has made me – for the lack of a better word – happy.
      I would like that very much. I value all feedback because it is what help writers improve. And I am very happy that you have offered your help.
      I am sure we can work out the details.
      And I will gladly beta-read your work.
      I am having the same problem lately as you have mention. I plan a lot. I think a lot. Nothing gets done.
      Also I have been busy lately, as in buuusy.
      I am ashamed that I did not find time for blog updates.
      But there is only so much time during the day, and unfortunately sleep is neccessary.
      I hope that soon I will have more time for this.
      I also resumed writing in Polish, therefore, I am in mind to start a blog in Polish as well.
      I just need a bit more time…

      Once again, thank you very much, and I hope that our mutual proofreading adventure will start soon :).

      • Jack said,

        Yes, I’m looking forward to start this thing soon too. I was about writing in Polish language too, but English is more, I don’t know… flexible? And the market for books in English is really huge – which is obvious ;) But the writing skills must be high and the knowledge about language – as well. It’s tough work – never ending learning and developing yourself. But it can be a great adventure too ;)

        Ok, I’m waiting for news from you, take care! ;)

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