It feels like ages…

February 21, 2012 at 21:46 (General)

It really feels like ages since I wrote my last post here.

So much has happened since then. I no longer work and no longer live where I did. Between moving, getting comfortable in my new, quite demanding job and trying to write a fantasy book with a huge and complex world, I found no time to post.

It pains me, as I love to interact with people.

And now that the world is no longer upside down for me, I want to start again. But this time not here.
I have started a new blog:

This blog on wordpress will eventually disappear.
If you have followed me and enjoyed the posts here and are willing to both forgive me for the long silence and trust me that I won’t let you down again – follow my new blog.

Some of the content from this blog will be dusted off, updated and posted on Pages filled with letters.
But mostly my new blog will be filled with new content.
I hope you will give me a second chance.


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